Thursday, December 17, 2009

Travel Follies

Working for a company on the other side of the US has its perks. Because they are three hours ahead of me, they have usually all gone home by 3:00 my time. This gives me a few hours to work uninterrupted by phone calls or meetings.  However, it does mean that I need to travel to the other side of the US fairly regularly. I also travel to conferences, meetings, and anywhere else they decide to send me - I've accrued over 83,000 miles this year alone with United. 

Of course, anyone who travels a lot has their road warrior stories of security lines, flight delays, uncomfortable seats, crying kids, etc.  For some reason, I’m fairly lucky as far as the actual logistics of travel goes (knock on wood).  However, I have a SchlepRock quality that almost always makes travel an adventure. 

Just recently, while going up an escalator, I knocked my suitcase over and watched it roll ass over teakettle all the way to the bottom. I watched people snicker while I waited for it to make its way back up to me.  Another time I tried to spear a piece of lettuce from my delicious airline salad using a bit too much force - as a result, I hit the side of the tray and launched said salad into the lap of the man on the other side of the aisle (would you like some dressing with my lettuce?).  I particularly enjoyed getting my hair so tangled around the airline headphones that I had to ask for help to get it out. And it was certainly fun to wake up before dawn to try to get ready for a customer meeting in the dark because the hotel was trying to conserve energy with 10 watt bulbs.  I think my customer enjoyed the fact that I penciled in my eyebrows with red lipliner instead of the usual brown brow liner – it definitely added some flair. 

There are many more stories just like this and I’m sure, plenty more to come. In fact I’m on a plane right now. So far everything has run smoothly but I’ve got 4 hours and a layover – anything can happen…


  1. Oh no you didn't! Red eyebrows...sigh. You must have very good coloring to be able to pull that look off! Ha

  2. I can definitely NOT pull it off. I looked like a clown! It's great when you're trying to impress customers :)


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